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The Baker group is a "soup to nuts" operation in that we like to have control over all aspects of our experiments and simulations--or to collaborate with others who do. We use a variety of equipment and facilities to achieve our goals.

Baker Group Facilities

The thin film lab includes:

• a high vacuum evaporator system (8E-7 Torr) with thermal and e-beam sources, a linear motion shutter to produces thickness gradients, a rotating stage, an ion gun for ion beam assisted deposition, and a heated stage.
• an ultra high vacuum sputter deposition system (E-10 Torr) with (usually) 3 confocal sputter guns, RF and DC power supplies, a rotating, heated, and biased sample stage, in-situ residual gas analysis, flow controllers for reactive deposition, an in-situ substrate curvature stress measurement system, and many other features.
• a hood for chemical processing and a wide variety of electronic and mechanical gadgets.

The nanomechanics lab includes:

nanoindenter (Hysitron TI-900) with Berkovich, Cube-corner, and Conical probes, 1-axis and 2-axis (scratch) transducers, and dynamic mechanical analysis capabilities
• an AFM (DI 3000) on a float table

The G2 hutch at CHESS includes equipment designed and built by the Baker group:

• a 6 circle diffractomer capable of conducting diffraction experiments using any diffraction vector above the sample plane
• a heated, atmosphere-controlled sample stage capable of temperatures up to 1000C that can be operated in vacuum or reducing environments
• an area detector

Cornell Shared Facilities (CCMR, CNF, and others)

• x-ray diffraction 
• scanning electron microscopes with EDX, WDX, and EBSD 
• focused ion beam microscopes 
• transmission electron microscopes 
• tensile tester
• micro-hardness tester
• 3-gun high vacuum sputter system
• high vacuum tube furnace
• contact profilometer
• crystal growth in Estroff group lab 
• Institute for Computational Science and Engineering 

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